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Goa diaries - Pure Love and Care

Everyday whilst in Goa it became a routine for me to stop by Amma's tiny stall and buy little tidbits. After a few days we started interacting and she surprised me by asking question like what did you do yesterday? How was the food you ate? Did you eat dinner properly? I was pleasantly surprised by so much care everyday when I passed by her shop. Sometimes the care and love we crave for comes from morst unusual places. These are the moments I am grateful for.
She would put her hand on my head to bless me and say, bless you! She would come out of her stall and see me off on my bike. Always with a, 'See you tomorrow!'
When I was leaving Goa, I paid a customary visit to her stall and she said whenever you come back to Goa, come to my stall to buy biscuits and see me.
Yes, Amma I certainly will!