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“Inspiring, encouraging and supporting people to live on purpose.”

Hello I am Vibhuti Duggar, a global speaker and corporate trainer and I am on a mission to enable as many individuals to live a purposeful life.

Why purpose?

Because I had an epiphany once in my life on what my purpose is and it transformed me completely to where I was and who I am today. The path I am on has been one that has been fulfilling and is giving me utmost joy. I want to share this skill with individuals, employees and businesses so they can lead and live with purpose.

To accomplish my mission, I have collected certifications and tools that can help me engage with audiences in a structured way. I have been privileged to learn some of the best tools from stalwarts in the industry like Marshal Goldsmith, Brian Tracy, Tony Buzan, Ron Kaufman and others.

Learning and development is my passion, and I have led several workshops successfully for businesses and universities.

I design workshops that have elements of high interactivity, energetic engagement and actionable insights.

My workshops are attended by decision makers and middle management alike. I have also customized workshops to certain job roles and functions.

Our Mind is the most power machine that we know. And when the mind dysfunctions we have no manual that we can refer to get it back on track. This is where I step in to help teams and organisations utilize the power of mind to the fullest.

Some of the workshops I conduct are
1. Simplify your Mind to Amplify Productivity
2. Mind Mapping
3. Purpose of Life
4. Matching Company Vision to Individual Aspirations

With actionable insights and streamlined ideas, most of the attendees benefit from:

- Improved productivity

- Improved team morale
- Ability to work with diverse cultures
- Alignment with company vision and individual aspirations.