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Clarity in Purpose, a story from Goa, India

Once I was in Goa and in search of a cup of tea. Vagator in Goa, India is not a popular tourist destination so I was told to look around the petrol pump and you might find something. I walked curiously to see a small cafeteria. I requested for tea and asked the person at the counter to make it extra strong. He got me a strong tea, just what I was looking for. He asked me if I liked the tea courteously and a bright smile on his face.
From then I became a regular at the tea shop and would be their first customer at 8:00 am. We started talking and I got to know a wonderful inspiring person - Karan.
Karan is a 30 year old enthusiastic fellow, originally from Gujrat. He moved to Mumbai when he was young and lived most of his life there. He had done a diploma in engineering and then a hotel management course too. He has worked at many restaurants in Mumbai and 5 years back a call pulled him to Goa. He runs a small restaurant in Goa in partnership with 5 other partners who own this small place. While talking to him I saw the zeal in him to do something big and asked him if he would like to sit for an hour like a session so I can help him put his 20 year roadmap on the paper. He immediately said yes. So the next day I reached his restaurant at 7.00 am and we began our discussion.
It turns out that he wants to own a continental cuisine restaurant in Mumbai. Not just one but a chain of restaurants. To achieve this he plans to go to London or Canada for 10 years to get work experience as a chef and also a manager in a continental restaurant there. I was amazed at the clarity of his dreams.
When we started putting everything on the paper using NLP tools for making his dream into a roadmap he was thrilled. He said, "Ma'am I never thought in so many details." He promises to keep in touch and update me with his progress. What an incredibly inspiring experience it was with Karan!
Update: So far .. he has already booked two restaurants in Goa after our session together.
As they say, the first step is to dream big! And this guy is definitely aiming high.