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Vibhuti’s corporate training has impacted several companies in India and Middle East region. Vibhuti is a speaker of choice at several corporate events. Her most popular topics and workshops are listed below:

Simplify Your Mind to Amplify Your Productivity

The world we live in is growing busy and chaotic. Each day we are bombarded with a lot more irrelevant information. We are hyper-connected with others around the world, which is good but at times multiple conversations that do not close the loop create an array of suppressed emotions. These situations in-turn become variables to create stress and anxiety at a sub-conscious level.

In corporate set up, there is a growing demand for prioritization to improve productivity. The accelerated pace of change has thrown employees and employers alike into a state of perpetual overwhelm.

In the keynote, Vibhuti addresses this problem of constant overwhelm and shares proven techniques to simplify the mind. Teaching how every individual has the power to achieve clarity in thought process, the audience will go back with techniques they can use daily. Once we can think with clarity, it allows us to focus on the most important things in the day. Learn from Vibhuti, first hand, how to simplify your mind to amplify your productivity.

Keynote highlights:
- Empty your brain on a paper
- Manage your emotions to think clearly
- Power-up prioritizing of tasks
- Apply the techniques learnt in every part of your life.

Purpose of Life

Knowing one’s purpose can change the outlook toward life and everything around you. When you truly know your purpose, you’ll experience a sense of clarity like never before as you’re able to connect what you want to achieve to your ultimate fulfilment. You’ll feel passionate, driven and laser-focused. You’ll stop battling with the past and the future and start living in the present – and that’s the greatest gift you can give yourself.

But how does one set purpose of life now? Isn’t it too late?

No it is not too late. Knowing your calling can happen any time of your lifespan but once you know it, it stays forever. Vibhuti is an expert and advocates to ‘Live Life on Purpose” Many of us have followed a path that has been pre-planned for us during growing up years.

Organisations worldwide are looking at defining their purpose more and more as they realise that a purpose-driven organization offers value and attracts the community of vendors, potential talent and prospects to the business. Living her own life on Purpose, Vibhuti is passionate about encouraging individuals and brands to look at purpose all anew.

Keynote highlights:
- How to identify one’s purpose in life?
- Examples and case studies of some of the biggest brands who take purpose seriously.
- How can individual match his purpose with over all organizations’ purpose?

What clients have to say about Vibhuti:

Clients Testimonials

Clarity and Direction; two goals Vibhuti can help you accomplish. She is not new to human behavior and carries enough tools to install the GPS for your life’s journey. After one meeting you’d only wish you met her earlier. Definitely recommended!

- Kamal Lalwani

Insurance Expert

Every time I talk to Vibhuti I'm blown away. She is passionate and has a heart full of gold. She is so confident, competent, strategic, goal-oriented, and fearless so that one can't help but feel inspired when around her. She is a highly focused person as well as analytical and can add massive value to one's life or any organisation. She always goes the extra mile to deliver results. Her energy to make things happen is contagious and it helped me achieve great goals. One of the best mentors I had for sure.”

- Nikita Vaswani

Talent Branding, Passion Connect

Whether she is running one of her mind-mapping sessions or organizing a conference and event with international speakers, I'm in awe at what Vibhuti has, and continues to create with Project Purpose. Her creative flare is evident in everything and everyone she touches. I'm proud to know her and to have been part of a recent Project Purpose event. I'm also excited to see what she is going to create next!

- Carol Cabot

Founder & Creator of Possibility Hub