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I want to Make a Name for Myself

Meet Mohammad Rafiq and he loves to call himself Mohd Rafi. (Mohd. Rafi was a famous singer in India). When I spoke to him for sometime, I realised he was a deep thinker. He told me that he does not want to follow the route of getting married and having kids. Instead he wants to do something to make a name for himself.
He was witty and made me laugh with his responses. Once his fellow painter came to see the progress of the wall paintings I was doing and commented to Rafiq that he could do the same thing here. Why did they hire me from so far away, what's the difference? Rafiq replied to him that Ma'am Vibhuti knows how to speak English so she has one point above you! Upon hearing this, I told Rafiq that he has to attend my training workshops and then he will give me 10 points more. Pat came the reply - I will decide after attending your session on how many points, perhaps, it may be just one more point!
Another time, I was just standing and staring at the wall stuck and unable to decide what to do next, he noticed that I was unable to do my work. He suggested, I think you will be able to think clearly after a cup of black coffee. It is a blessing to have people like him around when the job is creatively complex. There are so many things that we spoke about and I will always remember him, not sure if he will remember me or not. Maybe he will. after I earn more points.
He helped me throughout the project from bringing the paint boxes, washing the brushes, painting the corners, fixing the platform and creating those huge stands to climb on, making sure I have everything I need to finish my project.
When I asked him for a picture together, he said, "I am glad you think I am worthy of having a picture with you." ("is kabil samjha aapne" in hindi). May he rise and shine in life and as he says to create a name for himself.