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Meet Mr. Clarity with Confidence

This is Satish, service staff from the hostel we stayed at during one of my projects. He was responsible for taking food orders. The difference was he did it all with a big smile that warmed my heart. One day while sitting at the cafe and chit chatting with him, he shared something deep. He said that he hates the noise everyone makes at the hostel in Himalaya. If the noise is less he can work more hours happily but the noise kills the energy. Don’t they all come to find peace here in the Himalayas? So why create noise? We never know that our enjoyment might be noise for someone else's ears!
He is 20 years old and has simple dreams! It’s not about only dreaming big always,clarity is more important. He has done an electrician course and was waiting for his results then. I asked him what’s next? With a giggle he said marriage and 10 kids. He also said he wants to study further and take care of his family. He always spoke to me with authority. If you look at the picture the pose speaks a lot about his confidence, isn’t it? While I was painting the walls at the hostel, he came and said ‘you need to finish all 3 walls before going better speeded up’ with so much authority and command :) I loved it!
While leaving with one tight hug and smile we departed. I will always remember the chit chat, giggles and a 20 year old Satish from Chamba, Himachal with clarity and confidence.