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People who do not have much give us more

Kalpana and Asharwaedha were the two key people who brought smiles and happiness to us at the Pondichery Retreat. Kalpana lives with her two children in Pondicherry and works as a cook and does sewing work as well. She is a very warm person who made my days beautiful with her warmth and chit chats.
The day I reached Pondicherry I met her and hired her for her cooking service for our retreat, I had to buy a few things for the next day's retreat, especially eatables. I asked Kalpana where I could buy and she immediately said come with me on my Activa and we will buy everything you need, that's where our bond started.
She brought home cooked food for all of us, cooked breakfast for us live in our kitchen and made this part of the Retreat absolutely smooth.
I invited her to have breakfast with me on the last day of my trip when all participants had gone, the humbleness, the respect and love she gave was in it's purest form. She was so excited about the breakfast date that she made a video call to her husband and made me speak to him. He said I have a lovely wife but for work I have to leave her and children for a year and be with them just for one month.
Who knows we will call her in one of our retreats to travel to the North. It will fulfill her dream to visit North India once.
There is so much we have and there so much she and her family doesn't and still she has so much to give and we at times have only money to give them for their services. Let's go beyond it and spread happiness.