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The One whose Purpose of Life is a Plastic-Free world

Mittle!! We were walking near the promenade beach in Pondicherry and took a pit stop at a cafe which had an ice cream counter facing towards the street, to order ice creams. One by one, few of the retreat participants went inside to refill their water bottles.
I was standing there looking at the beautiful cafe and Mittle said she loved the fact that we were not buying plastic bottles and instead refilling water. She curiously asked me what brings you all to Pondicherry and I told her that we are here for a retreat to find our purposes in life.
She grinned and with exclamation on her face told me that her purpose in life is to see this world plastic free and immediately there was a sparkle in our eyes.
She wanted to know more about the retreat, as I explained about our 3 day retreat she said maybe I will join you in one of your retreats and asked if we could have a picture together.
Mittle by living on her purpose is creating positive ripples in this world and in-turn making this world a better place. @auracafe_pdy do visit this cafe whenever you are in Pondicherry. You will be happy to know that it's not just another cafe but a cafe with a purpose.
This was such a beautiful story during our pondicherry retreat, that's what makes travel meaningful isn't it?