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Small Act, Big Impact

While in Mumbai, I met these playful kids on the street. I had a long conversation with Chotu (one of the kids) and in exchange for some money he promised me that he will go to a school and get educated. In a while their father joined in too. Mukesh, Chotu's father gave me a background that they were from Rajasthan and in winters they come to Mumbai to sell small items to earn money.
We exchanged our phone numbers and bade goodbye and promised to be in touch.
Next day Chotu's mother called me to say thank you and asked me if I can call and speak to kids now and then so they may not drop out of school. That day later I called to speak with kids after school and they promised their Didi (elder sister, me, that they will go to school regularly. One day hopefully I can travel to Rajasthan and visit them in their village.
The best part is that I met them in Dec 2019 and it's 2022 now, I still talk to them almost every month!